Monday, March 22, 2010

A Time and Place for Healing

The whole thing about “The Concept of Time” is funny. You have “actual time” (“What time is it?”)…You have the “passing of time”, with what it appears to be as it slips by…And then, you have "the past" and what it actually represents and feels like. So, when you have a significant event in your life, one so shattering that it has major, rippling effects upon your whole being, the “concept of time” can become blurred.

Ten years ago, my family and I experienced the “Big D”…Divorce. And, although there were hints, we really didn’t see it coming. So now, with the recent arrival to of my dear friend to Cape Cod, and the new proud owner of the "Big D", I find myself reliving past hurts residing close to my heart. Naturally, I draw upon my experiences to see how I can relate.

Suddenly, it hit me! Flashing through my mind, was the scene from “You’ve Got Mail”, where Tom Hanks and Dabney Coleman (father and son) discuss the very subject, while Tom Hanks shakes up some sort of mixed drink. He shakes and shakes with a distinct defiance and rhythm, while listening to his father and looking up to God for answers.

So it dawned on me, while caught up in the midst of the divorce with everything swirling around me, I was that mixed drink!I had been shaken up with defiance, syncopated into a very calculated, precise rhythm, and been poured out into a glass, with pieces of my very soul sloshing out over the rim! And, up until a very short time ago, I felt as though I desperately needed to blot up my spilled guts, and squeeze them back into the glass!

Where am I now? Well for one, I can tell time. And, it's funny, sometimes, because the whole saga seems like “just yesterday“…But, because of the mourning and healing process, that part of my life is much easier to accept and has taken a back seat into the past. Surprisingly, the debilitating hurt I felt, has become numbed, as well as seeming not so long lasting. In the end, for me, some of the “guts runneth over” is old news. I have actually been able to be selective of what needs to be re-absorbed, and what needs to be left spilled out upon the counter! Could this be what they mean when they say, “Time heals all wounds”? (Dear readers, what do you think?)

Thankfully, during my time of pain, my Dad and Amy offered something that helped me survive…The cottage on Country Lane. Now, I have the opportunity to offer the "the healing place" to someone who is incredibly special to me…One who stood by me when I was in pain. I hope she can do something on Cape Cod with her creative and talented photography. I hope she finds the same peaceful healing I did. And, I hope she can experience the strength of mopping up her “sloshed- over-the -glass" self. For it is only with strength, that she can squeeze what she needs back into the glass, and dare anyone to take a sip!

Pieces of Dreams

Country Lane

Welcome to my cottage at 22 Country Lane

Small, but comfy and quiet!

Just enough! Everything you need ~ Leaving complication behind.

Science Kitchen (LOL)

Snuggle in at night and have a peaceful morning!

This is the second bedroom...I used to call it my den/family room.

Entrance to our beach ~ You should see the beach roses when they bloom!

A VERY Short walk from the cottage to paradise.

I got better here...I think she will get better here, don't you?


  1. Hi Karen!

    a very thought provoking post!

    Love your little cottage! I can't wait to see more pics this summer with all the blooms!

  2. Thank you, Diann! Let's just hope my friend blooms there also!

  3. What lovely images you posted along with your very well written piece, Elaine! You must have the soul a writer! Very touching and insightful! Thank you for illustrating, both in words and images, how one can go through a very dark place and find themselves in a world that is fresh and new and welcoming. Without darkness how would we know what light is? Pain often gives birth to joy...

    Delightful piece...I eagerly await your next post!


  4. Hi Karen, So glad you stopped by Digi Scribbles. It's so nice to meet you. Love what you've written here about time. My precious hubby of 40 years passed away 16 months ago, and time definitely stood still, for what seemed a very long time. I've only just begun to feel creative again in the last few months. I absolutely adore your cottage and am dreaming of one of my own. I just signed up to follow your blog and will be back for more visits. ♥

  5. What a wonderfully written post. And yes, I would say that is the perfect place to heal.

  6. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your visit and your kind words. I'm really glad you enjoyed my blog and I do hope you will come back. I've added myself as a follower and I'm about to go look around.

    You have the sweetest little cottage, and how lucky to be that close to the beach.

  7. What a beautiful country lane and pictures of the beach. It certainly looks like paradise. I also love the white dresser in one of the bedrooms. I am always drawn to those curvy pieces. Thanks so much for the tour!

  8. Hi there. Thanks so much for your recent visit and your kind comments. The yellow country lane cottage looks so sweet near the beach. I like your blog and will be visiting you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Bright blessings,

  9. I could do some definite healing on that beach and in your adorable cottage! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and giving me some words of encouragement and advice! Good luck to your friend, I'm sure your friendship will be a pillar of strength for her! Have a great day!

  10. What a charming cottage, Karen! I'm sure she'll get better with such beautiful surroundings.

    I adore your beautiful blue & white china mosaic window boxes. They are stunning! I think the idea of a valance for the window is very creative and will be stunning too!

    Thanks so much for your visit and your lovely comment.


  11. Absolutely beautiful blog! Brought a tear to my eye. I'll never forget the special times at your cottage. The healing you went through. And now, the resilient flower you've become.

    I hope the same for Karen H.

    Love always,


  12. Wonderful thought provoking post! I did a post on time a couple of weeks ago, it really does make you think. Your cape cod cottage is very warm and inviting! Enjoy the weekend:) Debbie

  13. thanks for visiting! I found your mosaic window boxes! They are gorgeous!