Saturday, March 27, 2010

Junkin' In My Jammies!

In this day and age , known for it’s advances in the type of technology that allows us instant gratification as well as convenience, going to work, taking a course, and shopping in your pajamas, is not a rarity at all. As a matter of fact, it’s become something we can rely upon and often take for granted.

“Previously, on Karen’s Garden Cottage”, I shared the fact that we live on Cape Cod in an old antique farmhouse during the mild and hot weather months, and during the winter and dreary cold, live in the back of our store, Wayne’s Antiques, located on Rt. 6-A, Main Street in Brewster. On this day in March, it seems winter is still fighting spring, tooth and nail. We all know that eventually, spring will win and winter will be blown away by our warm sea breezes, until next year. But as of today, it is still too cold to go “turn on” the farmhouse.

And, that brings me to the subject of “Junkin’ in My Jammies"! I so appreciate the fact that, with cup of coffee in hand and still in my PJ’s, I can browse around my wonderful love’s shop, appreciating all his treasures, his unique style of presenting the art of “treasure hunting” to all who visit, and “cherry-pick”, things that might go well in my shop down the road. The whole arrangement works out so well…While he likes to present “it all”, (Oh, you may have to search and dig, but it’s all there), my presentation is different. I like to create vignettes that make statements about “a look” or “a theme”, as well as providing people with ideas they can apply to their own home. The method is also a must for marketing my Pieces of Dreams, hand painted furniture. (You have to be able to see it.) In short, what do we tell people who visit us at both shops? “Wayne has the treasure hunting shop (a little more manly) and Karen has the “girly” shop."

So, with spring trying to get sprung, it’s time for me to go looking around to see what I can trade with Wayne (or grab), to give my shop it’s spring/summer transformation. What a blessing, since the yard and estate sales, right now, are few and far between! And, guess what? Through my pictures, dear friends, you are welcome to come with me and go “Junkin’ in Your Jammies”, too!….Don’t forget the coffee!

Pieces of Dreams

Here's Wayne's counter/cases, filled with vintage jewelry, silver, etc.

Welcome to Wayne's! OMG, where does one begin?)

The cases are open! You are always welcome to browse within!

See something nice?

His motto: "Items of Interest, Bought and Sold!"

Often, this would be a spot where you find the men.

I see something I might be able to use, hiding in here!

Feminine and looking like spring! We are getting warmer!

Don't forget to look up, down and all around (even in the drawers). And it's Pink! Hooray!

Let's see, pink and yellow and just perfect for a large space.

I spy with my little eyes, some Easter colors!

And, would this be the Easter Basket?

This just "walked in the door" yesterday. Wayne brought everything back to me to wash and said, "Your shop". (We know each other so well!)

A collection of beautiful china and hand made ceramic basket from Italy. I love the delicate pink and yellow roses. How lucky that they are in perfect condition!

We are just beginning our season...I hope you've enjoyed your first shopping trip!


  1. Hi, what beautiful treasures!! I'll take one of each.....Kathy

  2. Wow - all these fabulous antique shops on Cape Cod to visit and it seems every time I turn around, there's another place I didn't even know existed! I'm originally from the South Shore of Boston, but the Cape is my "new" home. Thank you for visiting my blog today! =)

  3. Hi! Come visit us any time: Karen's Garden Cottage Antiques, 2421 Main (Rt. 6A) Brewster, and Wayne's Antiques,1589 Main (Rt. 6A) Brewster. We would love to have you come in for a visit. My shop will not be open until April, but Wayne is open on weekends! Hope to see you and have a lovely weekend, Karen

  4. Well... true confessions... I have seen both of your shops before, but only when driving by. I'm a bit shy really... so hubby persuaded me to tell you who I am... I also live in Brewster and my hubby runs The Cook Shop right up the street (at Lemon Tree Village)! ;) Now you've given me reason to stop in your shops (I have four young kids, so it's not always an easy thing to do... but I will as soon as I can!) ;)

  5. Are you kidding???? You had better throw off the shy stuff and come on in!!!! And, we will come to your shop! The window displays I have seen are so wonderful! Bring the kids...we are used to all that stuff. Wayne has candy in the back, so if you don't want them to have that, steer them away from it, and we will keep them occupied with something the old fashioned "one armed bandit". I have an idea... When you become comfortable with us, you can leave the kids with Wayne, and come visit me in my shop when I re-open (LOL)! I'm so excited!

    I am recuperating from a surgery (that is taking 4-ever) and can't wait to re-open. Your work is incredibly beautiful (huge talent). You may either be able to find things with us or, who knows???? (I believe in artists coming together and creating something wonderful!)

    At the very least, I sincerely invite you to come by...Maybe you could wear a disguise like big glasses, a funny nose, and a big "Cook Shop" strainer on your head, as a hat. Then, wink, wink, nod, nod...we will know it's you! (Tell your husband THAT, and then ask him if you should be shy!)

    Looking forward to seeing you! Karen

  6. I am embarrassed to say I've never stopped in either of your shops (and we ALWAYS have customers saying the same thing to us)! ;) I will make it in soon though... things are hectic this week especially with the holiday coming up, etc. I won't wear jammies when I come in, nor a colander on my head, but I WILL introduce myself! lol

  7. Hi! Very cute and how nice! Wayne and I both have grown...and know first hand what it is like! We look forward to meeting you and promise to accept you for who you are...collander on your head or not! Can't wait to meet you. Until then, best wishes and a happy holiday to you and your family!

    With the best of Brewster wishes, Karen and Wayne

  8. Thank you for taking me on a tour, and yes in my jammies but with hot tea as it is evening now. :-) Very nice stuff you guys have! Hope I can visit sometime! Hugs, Coreen

  9. I would have a blast exploring all those treasures if I were near enough. Can't wait to see your shop when it's open Karen. ♥

  10. My favorite kind of shopping, and in my jammies would be perfect... Thanks for visiting today, your note made me laugh. Just so you know, when you become a regular on my blog and then go missing... I go hunting for you!

  11. Karen ~ I have never been to Cape Cod. Being a west coast person, I have rarely been back east. But if I EVER have the chance to come your way, I will look you up. Your photos are delicious. I would love to see your shop. Thanks for sharing all these photos. Yummy. xoxo Amy

  12. Thanks for the virtual junkin' in my jammies tour of Wayne's Shop. I had forgotten how cool his shop was! I can't wait to visit again and check out all his neat treasures!

    Travelin Gnome
    in TN

  13. Oh my! It is like a garage sale inside! Looks like you could loose your kids in this place. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog. It is so funny!

  14. Hi Elaine:

    Thanks for following my blog. Wayne's treasure hunting emporium is a wonderful place to go and dig! We get a lot of stuff from rummaging thru homes, barns, attics, and yes, garages. And, Wayne knows his stuff, he doesn't just bring home any old piece of junk...Sometimes it looks like that when it's all dirty (even broken, like lamps) and piled up in the van, but then he shows it to you, repairs things, and explains what it is. And, that's why having the two shops works like a charm. We sort thru the treasures, saying "mine!"..."Yours!" Or, when he's traveling between house calls and needs to empty the van, sometimes it gets emptied at my shop. Then I go in there, call him up and say, "I see I've been hit by another drive by dumping. I've made a pile of what goes back to your shop!" The people who know us chuckle because Wayne has been in business for years...using the same charming style. Then I come along and have to decorate with flowers, shells, curtains and hand cut tags with ribbons...They laugh and have a good time!

    Anyway, thanks for following...There's a lot more junkin' to come!

  15. What a beautiful shop!! You are so lucky to be able to browse it in your jammies and with coffee!! That would be a dream! I see so many gorgeous things I would love to have, lol! I love the pink basket hanging from the ceiling! And so many gorgeous china pieces!! Yummy!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog again!!
    Big Hugs and spring wishes,

  16. Karen, I see lots of nice things to look at and to buy. Oh well, too far away for me.

  17. hello! sorry it took me so long to visit. basement issues!

    your photos make me want to hop in the car and take a little drive. love the cape!

    ever go to lizzie's shop on 6A (vintage lizzie)? amazing!