Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inside...Stage Right!

I'm so glad you decided to stay!

So, we were really excited that the owners gave us permission to change some of the colors in the cottage. I feel that it makes the staging of what you are trying to sell that much more effective. The pictures below will show you snippets of how the middle room began and evolved. It's such an adventure! Wayne and I go out on house calls, attend auctions, as well as scope out yard/tag and estate sales. You never know what we will come back with, if anything at all. Then we get to divide up all the stuff and set the stage. Some of it works out so perfectly, you would think we special ordered it from a catalogue. Other things end up in the palm of your hand as you walk around placing it here and there, shaking your head "no" and then trying it somewhere else. (That's the easy part.) What creates difficulty is the neurotic moving of the furniture. It's like when someone wants to become a member of a club, refuses to get along or cooperate, and the rest of the members won't sit next to the newcomer...And they all come complaining to you! But some how, like magic, it works!

Hope you enjoy this portion of my little tour. Just come on in and take a right! (Remember to click the pics!)

Pieces of Dreams

Once again, inside the door.

This was an old chair that someone had completely stripped and left. I did a finish called "Dry Brushing" for the background and hand painted ivey vines and berries.

One of our opening day vignettes ~ To mention a few highlights: English pine farm table, wall lamp created from old Fiesta Ware and Theorem paintings.

I created these tie backs by combining some left over pieces from the floral vines used in the front window treatment, antiqued silk roses, scallop sea shells and antique punch bowl cups. They were the first things out of the store on opening day. I wasn't going to sell them, but a friend begged me. They were one of a kind, but the good news is, I can visit them!

Opening day vignette...So empty looking compared to how it is now!

Okay...There! Now, nobody touch any thing! One false move and that layer of purses will look like a mess in a teenage girl's room. (Like they would really have a flower purse with gloves and tea cups!)

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! (Remember that song?)

"Yard sales are like a box of chocolates..."

So, this picture and the one below, give you an idea of how it all goes.

I loved finding this breakfront, display case. I still have the pink and cream dessert set (occupied Germany). I love them and really don't care if I end up with them or not!

There's still some more fun to come...Wish I could offer you something sweet to eat...If you haven't treated yourself to something nice today, go ahead and do it! Meanwhile, I'll get busy with the next part!


  1. Your cottage is wonderful!! I love all the nice dishes, the lace dress, and your vignettes are gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE the table on wheels in the second to last picture! LOVE IT!