Saturday, March 6, 2010

...And, I Leave You With the Romance of Pink and Green

Well, for some reason I had to do my text this way. I still don't always get everything about uploading my pictures. I also don't do the thinking backwards thing very well. Maybe that's why I didn't have much success with water color. Anyway, thanks for spending all this time with me. Wayne was opened today, so I have been back here with you, sharing the memories of my Brewster shop and planning a new look for spring.

Above is a picture of the back room. It's done in Benjamin Moore's "Dried Parsley", which I am very pleased to say, compliments every color...It makes decorating and displaying a breeze.

Let me introduce you to this lovely young lady...I present to you, Miss Marshmallow! This was one of my most favorite finds. We went to an estate sale and found her in the basement art studio. She belonged to a lady that specialized in hand painted china. Miss Marshmallow was an actual classmate of the artist. The photo was blown up to poster size, mounted on a custom cut board, and enhanced with a hand painted dress and marshmallows. She's just so much fun! I hope the new owner treasures her magic for making people smile!

This is a close-up of our contest winner!

As we continue on, we go down a short hallway into the bedroom.

My store display used to end with a decorated door at the end of the hallway. The bedroom was used for storage and as an additional area for me to fix things up. When I needed a quick bedroom for an impromptu guest, we quickly fixed up the room, complete with a brand new mattress and bedding. After our guests left, we opened it up as an additional room for display. It's funny. People always say they want to take a nap in there. One time I went in there and I saw an imprint on the bed! (I knew they were in there a long time!)

As time went by, things continued to change in the bedroom, just like the rest of the store. And, as time went by, others stayed in the room as a guest, when we needed to handle an over flow of visitors. My brother stayed in here once and said he didn't need a TV because he enjoyed reading my tags..."Lovely black painted table....Wonderful walnut bed...Charming reverse painted mirror", etc. He told me I should rename the shop, "The Lovely Shop", because most of my tags say, "Lovely"!

Close up of something "Lovely".

Ahh! Pink and Green...Makes my heart sing!

When I got back to being able to hand paint, I added this chair to the pink and green bedroom.

Close up of the back of the chair with the roses and plaid ribbon.

And we finish with a close up of the back of the chair.
So we end our tour with shades of pink, green and the romantic feeling these ribbons, roses and colors leave you with.
Thank you for joining me...We'll see you next time!
Pieces of Dreams


  1. Your rooms are beautiful!! Karen thank you so much for stopping by blog!! And thank you for your nice comments!

  2. Karen ~ lovely post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you are going to make some of those cupcakes! They will be darling in your shop! I am truly addicted to making them. In fact, I have two dozen of them sitting on my kitchen counter right now waiting for me to "ice" them tonight. Can't wait! (*_*)