Friday, September 3, 2010

Quick Fix ~ Quick Post ~ Twig 'N Vine Window Treatment "How To"!

Here on Cape Cod, we are bracing for an uninvited guest...His name is Earl (Wayne calls him "The Duke of Earl"). This means potential victims of this force of nature, will have to go around to all their properties, picking up and storing anything that could become a potential projectile....Tediously annoying!!!!

However in doing just that, I found some great twigs graciously dropped from my favorite tree, just perfect for creating my shop's, back bedroom window treatment. Now that I have sold the pink and green dresser (slotted for pick-up after the storm), my vision for this bedroom will have to be adjusted slightly. But, there is good news! This window dressing will go with all my ideas!
Here's a quick "How To"!

Gather and wire twigs together that measure slightly beyond the window on either side.

This is a close-up of the wiring. Notice that I wired an additional branch on the right side for balance.

Next, I added this floral garland that I had from the other shop.

Before I added the lights, I hung these curtains. Actually, if I had been that good a planner, I would have hung the curtains before putting everything else up. When I stood back, I thought the window needed something to mask the fact that I didn't want to paint the window at this time. So, I opted to hang four panels so that I would have the option of changing how I tied them back. Then, I wove the lights in and out of the twigs and vines. I am very careful to intertwine the lights so that the wires are nicely hidden. Why don't I put the lights on first, you ask? Well, trust me when I say that you will regret not doing it this way, if and when your lights burn out!

As you can see here, I have made tie backs from sections of garland.

And here you have it! All tied back and lit up. Notice from the picture that all the lights are within the vines and not straggling down the side.

Here's the trick. Get a short extension cord and using cup hooks, lead the cord up to the top. This way your lights are where they are supposed to be.

So, we have softened a harsh look and since there isn't any overhead lighting in this room, we have solved a lighting problem (especially since, all too soon, it will be dark at 4:00 pm) and added ambiance to the room!

It's just started to rain (sigh)! Time to go to the shop, work on some furniture, and hope for some customers. If people aren't fleeing the Cape, I am sure they will be buying up supplies at Stop and Shop. I'm probably the last stop on the list, but one can hope!

To answer some of my commenting bloggers...Yes, I will be posting some furniture painting tips in the near future. So! I'm off to work, with camera in hand, sending out wishes for safety and happiness to all!

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  1. Stay dry! I went outside to take down my hanging plants and birdfeeders, then the sky opened up and I was soaked within minutes. When I went back into the house, the rain stopped! lol

  2. What a wonderful idea! I love the view from your window, by the way :)

    Be safe! ♥

  3. I think the the vine with lights looks beautiful. ...Kathy

  4. Karyn Please take care of yourself and keep safe as Earl approaches!! It missed us!!

  5. Very neat idea Karen, and it looks nice....almost like Christmas!!!!

  6. Thank you too Karen for the compliment. I look forward to visiting your blog regularly. Have a nice weekend.

  7. Your Vines & lights look fantastic! Glad to hear you guys weathered the storm ok. We were concerned about you.


  8. Karen~
    My mind doesn't work that way, so thanks for inspiring me. xoxo Amy

  9. Dear Karem amd Wayne, I sent a card to Marge and signed up at the Thrift Shop under the Visiting Nurse organization. Seh wrote me a note back. It was so sweet, and I will keep it with my forever mail in my desk. Please contact me when you arr on Long Island. The storm never dropped any raindrops on us, what a dissapointment. We are so dry here. Maybe this weekend, but it does make for grand days on the beach at Robert Moses.

  10. What a wonderful idea!
    Greetings from Switzerland!

    Carmen from