Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tea Cups and Saucers ~ Where Will They Show Up Next?

Don't you think everything presents a little better when displayed upon a pedistal?

I make these sand candles and sell them in my shop. However, especially on a humid day, I found the need for something to display them on. I also thought it would be nice to offer a type of candle holder to complete "that perfect gift" idea, for my customers. I have been saving odd tea cups and saucers for a while, just waiting for the perfect thing to do with them. Pictured below are some of what I came up with:

The sand candle holder was made from a tea cup saucer atop an old Sandwich Glass candle holder. The votive candle holder was made from a demitasse saucer and an old milk glass salt shaker.

Basically, this is what I did. My dear friend, Estelle, brought me this milk glass salt shaker, missing its peppery mate. I have chosen to use this particular glass glue, that dries hard, permanent, and with a slight amount of flexibility....Done!

The hardest part is making sure the chosen pedistal is centered. Make sure you let them dry thoroughly and on a level surface. You laugh, but I didn't know that my mother-in-law (to be) had an uneven table and my pedistal kept moving!

I like the fact that these little beauties have many uses...

...Nice soap dish, don't you think? Also, can you see this on your dresser holding jewelry? Or, how about setting a lovely table with one of these little cup cake holders at each setting? Cute!

I just think they are so pretty. And next, is a project I have been meaning to get to for a while...

Tea cup and saucer lamps! About a year ago I ordered little candle lamp parts from the CWI outlet I get my glass knobs from.

I had this idea after watching Wayne repair old lamps. I thought I would cut off the plug and temporarily remove the switch. Then I get a ceramic drill bit to drill a hole in the cup and feed the cord through.

Wayne helped me drill the hole in the cup. Here's a tip...Keep dipping the ceramic drill bit in like a charm! Then we fed the cord through the hole, replaced the in-line switch, attached a new plug and glued everything together.

I am so happy with the out come of this project. I think they will go just perfectly in my shop!

Speaking of my shop, I am not there right now. Both Wayne and I are in Long Island caring for Wayne's Mom. She has just completed 8 weeks of radiation and a form of kemo. Since we are treating tongue cancer, her mouth is in terrible condition complete with painful thrush. Although the burned skin on the side of her face and neck is better now, it was quite distressing a week or so back. She has a feeding tube and we are doing our very best to pump lots of protein and freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, while keeping a nagging fever down. Please keep our dear Marge in your prayers.

Sending out all our best, to all of you!

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  1. What a great idea! They're all so beautiful :)

    That's so terrible to hear about Wayne's mom; she'll most definitely be in my prayers ♥

  2. Karen, I love these! And thanks for the very detailed instructions.

    I'm sorry Marge is having such a tough time of it. You and Wayne are missed and you all are in my prayers.

  3. so sorry to hear about your mom-in-law. i'll definitely pray for her.
    karen, your pedestals and lights are so charming and such a unique gift idea. they should do well in your shop. happy autumn!

  4. Olá, adorei o blog! Poderia por um tradutor.

  5. Amei se blog,muito lindo!Espero sua visita ao meu!Seu trabalho de pintura nas peças antigas são lindos!Eu tambem pinto,tecido,madeira e outras,beijo!Kisses!Wonderful!