Friday, July 9, 2010

Jumping In With Both Feet!

Any of us familiar with the personality of Cape Cod, know of the perks, quirks and little surprises it has to offer throughout the year. An example? We have the long haul of dreary, gray days that never seem to warm up. And then, here comes the blazing heat and sun. So, depending upon how organized you are with your seasonal clothing, figuring out what to wear is the easy part. But what I can never get used to is standing before the beautiful bay or sound, the heat zeroing in upon your newly exposed skin, your mind picturing the joys of a refreshing swim and then, BLAMMO! One toe goes in and that water is so cold it makes you run back up to your towel and join the rest of your friends who are shaking their heads and saying, "I'm not going in!"

But, what were we thinking, anyway? It's a huge body of water...Warm water is going to take time! However,there are those of us who want to be in that water so badly, that we jump in with both feet and let summer begin!

So, that's what I am going to do here. I haven't been posting for a while, but I haven't been lolling around on the beach, either. Since my last post in June, I have been working in my shop and preparing the Chatham house for a large family reunion/birthday party and general summer living. I've finally taken some pictures and organized them. Now it is time to "Jump In With Both Feet" and get some of the activities for summer, 2010 posted!

Pieces of Dreams

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? First, we had to find the outdoor furniture at yard sales . Next scrape and clean....Then paint. I had gotten a lot of fabric at yet another yard sale. Everything was good quality, color coordinated and cheap!!! I made these chair pads (tutorial to follow in another post) from old chair pads that were clean, but in need of some help!

Here is a completed pad. Notice how the "finger pleat" ruffles go around the front. I like the look, but I also like what it does...Saves discomfort on the back of the legs! (Pretty Tricky!)

We are not all perfect! I need chair covers that can be removed so I can wash them. Thus, the handy-dandy pocket.

This set was an ugly, faded, rusted yellow. I saved the foam and base board. Then, with fabric, glue gun and staple gun in hand, I went to it. When we finish using them, I just pop these out and bring them into our storage area.

This was the rusty green set. The chairs came with a thinner pad, design type. I repainted the table and chairs, then covered these seats along with the rest. These pads also get popped out and brought in.

Cute and perfect for summer entertaining.

Yes, yet another table and chairs to scrape and paint ( yard sale treasures). These are my most favorite chairs of all. I made the cushions with the pockets for these too. (Note that I am still using the bolt of check/plaid fabric that cost me $10.00.) (Also note, I am obviously not at the beach!)

I changed my umbrella color to red, this year. I got 2 of them at the Christmas Tree Shops for $39.00 each.

So, we have 4 coordinating tables placed on the deck and around the yard. We can move them together and switch them around any way we want or need, in order to accommodate our guests and the food, (usually very large vats of food). For our party, I had to accommodate 27. And since it was a lobster dinner, it had to be "sit down". I borrowed some extra folding tables and put red and bone-white toile' cloths on them. But, the table setting is a post for another day...I am late for the shop!

I close my blog for the day with the above "sneak preview" of the place settings for the party and for summer entertaining. (What! Did you think that after all that scraping, painting and sewing, we weren't going to have something to eat? Not in this family!!!!!)


  1. Wow! You've been extremely busy with those patio pieces. They look great. You're very thrifty. I think you'll have a terrific time. How fun. We don't get lobster much out here, it's a bit pricey. So I'm a little jealous. ;)
    Thanks for your very kind comments on my blog.
    Have a great weekend.
    {{HUGS}} Amanda

  2. you have been busy! all your furniture looks wonderful. i love the red against your beautiful grey house.

  3. You are so lucky to live on Cape Cod... Sigh... what a dream!

    Your party sounds lovely-- I LOVE the place setting! Can't wait to see pictures! ♥

  4. WOW... where do you find all the time??? I swear your day must have 32 hours in it... what's your secret? lol LOVE what you've done with all the table and chairs - can't wait to see the dinner!

  5. Love the chair pads you made and I see you have been quite busy.

  6. Can't wait to come visit someday and eat a lobster!

    Love your blog. Best blogger on the Cape!

  7. Hi Karen!

    Those chair pillows came out wonderful! I love the fabric and colors. Great job! I need to get busy and make some covers for my existing chair cushions.

  8. Karen~ I have never been to Cape Cod. I want to see the leaves change in New England before I die. I have seen them in their glory only once in my life. You have a blessed life. Thanks for giving us a peek. xoxo Amy