Saturday, June 5, 2010

Catching Up with Signs of Summer, On Cape Cod...

Due to an avalanche of events and commitments in my life, I have been on an unexpected blogging break. Really! It seems at times, and without warning, these unforeseen, time sensitive, demands come upon you. And, they are so unforgiving! I know this happens to everyone...The only thing we can do is dig ourselves out the best we can, and try to move on. Hopefully, a tad bit of dignity remains, enabling you to pull it all off without becoming too haggered.

Wayne and I are in the same business, so besides being the most patient and understanding human being I have ever met, he is an outstanding partner with regard to creating the very necessary support system, we have both come to rely upon. (Especially when we are in "the 100 day countdown" business time on Cape Cod...Memorial Day thru Labor Day!)

In my upcoming posts, I will share and journalize some of what we have been up to lately (catch up), as well as highlight some of our adventures for "Summer - 2010". This is truly a glorious season, making life on Cape Cod a wonderful experience. It tingles all the senses with sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feelings, all its own.

Last year, I was not in such a good place...I was very stressed out with being over extended with the businesses and had to get thru each and everyday not feeling well. Thank goodness all of that has changed. And because of these changes, I feel as though I went from a wilting plant with many issues, to one that has been repotted, watered, and ready to bloom again...And, we all need to go thru periods of our lives where we get to bloom!

One thing that I am doing each and every night after work, is a walking routine. My friend Christina, and I, reserve "our walking time" and keep each other motivated (no matter how wiped out we are). Our routine takes us to several of our precious bay beaches, here in Brewster. It's been beautiful! The weather has been outstanding for this time of year...The flowers and trees have been in full bloom...The fragrances have provided us with the ultimate in aroma therapy....and the sights, magnificent!! So, let me do some catching up, by sharing some of the sights and "signs of summer, on Cape Cod"!

Pieces of Dreams

Early evening at the bay, with the receeding tide.

As the tide goes out, our cheerful sea birds gather for the "Early Bird Special".

Waterfront dining? More like "in the water" dining!

More feathered friends gather, as the bay empties and the sun goes down.

Shimmering shades of pink and blue.

More magnificent sights and hues upon the water and big sky.

This is where, two people in love, can litterally walk into the sunset and live happily ever after!


...And, God's Peace!


  1. Such lovely pictures! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts of your Cape Cod Summer and business... excited! I'll be on the Cape this Friday (my first visit) :) Can't wait!

  2. Hi Erin!

    A fellow blogger (that you are to meet in Sandwich) came into the shop yesterday with a friend. (Even bought one of the sand candles, made from Brewster sand.) She found me thru you. Thank you so much and enjoy your visit to the Cape. If your journey takes you up 6A and into the Brewster area, be sure and stop by. I would love to meet you in person!

    Cheers! Karen

  3. Gorgeous pictures of the bay sunset! It must be so rejuvenating to take your daily walk on the beach. A dream come true.

    Your friend always,

    Nashville, TN (land of floods)

  4. glad to hear everything's okay and that you're back to posting. your photos are beautiful...i am soooo jealous of you living so close to the ocean. ;)
    i can smell it in my memory. sigh....