Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cha-Cha, Cha-Cha, Cha-Cha...Changes...

A fond "Hello", to all of you out there!

This is just a short note, yet one of big recognition and thanks to my friend, CAPE COD RAMBLING ROSE, for coming into my shop and meeting with me in person. (We live and work in the same town...Can you believe it?). Anyway, not only was this woman warm and welcoming, she gave me an EXPLOSION of blogging tips! I am still in awe!...(Kind of like seeing the Fourth of July fireworks for the first time!) As the result, I have changed many things about my blog presentation...(Never in a million years did I think I could have done anything like this.)

Meanwhile, I've been busy preparing my next post which, I am excited to say, will be my first tutorial for all of you! (Guess you'll just have to wait and see what the surprise project will be!)

So, while you're at the edge of your seats, might I suggest that you check out my friend, CAPE COD RAMBLING ROSE...I think it will "tickle" your "shabby" fancy!

Many Smiles to you, Pieces of Dreams!


  1. Your blog looks GORGEOUS! I KNEW you could do it! You're so sweet to mention me!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog background!

  2. Hi There, Ramblin' Rosey! We have family coming in today and have to get the Chatham house ready for them...Boy can winter leave a lot of dust! Anyway, I will let you know when the shop will be open (the flag will be out), so you can drop by and pick up the goodies I have for you. I hope I am on the right track and they are something you can use for your GORGEOUS creations! (I guess we will make that the word of the day...GORGEOUS! lol)
    Enjoy this pretty, pretty (I mean GORGEOUS) Day! Karen

  3. I equally adore both of your blogs... just found them yesterday, and am so happy! ♥

  4. Well I am darned happy to stumble upon your blog. Actually, chalk it up to the posting on Cape Cod Rambling Rose, who I just found today. Since I love Cape Cod (and who wouldn't) I will be sure to check on you whenever possible. And, if you're anywhere near Falmouth, I will roll on up to your shop. I'll be doing a talk in Falmouth in late June.

    All joys to you and yours,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  5. Hi Karen, A little note to thank you for visiting my blog & leaving such a nice comment!....And may I say, I LOVE your blog as well!....What a darling house you have! I will be back again soon for another visit!...Enjoy your evening!....Your friend, Heidi XO

  6. Hi Karen,
    How wonderful to meet you here through Cape Cod Rambling Rose today! Blogging sure makes the world seem like a much smaller place doesn't it? I'm a neighbor too! Just over the Sagamore Bridge :) I'll be making a special point of coming to see your Garden Cottage by the sea soon! Your blog is charming :)
    Dandelion Wishes,

    ps. I have a little creative recycling blog challenge going on over at Dandelion House... your creations would make a wonderful addition! Pop over when you can and take a peak!

  7. Hi Karen!

    Love the new "frock" you gave your blog! I thought I came to the wrong place. LOL And aren't you to tease (about the tuturial)! That is so awesome that a fellow blogger dropped in! Believe me, if I was close enough I would be there! It still a little bit of a jaunt from Michigan.

    I so agree with what you said in your comment on my blog regarding cloth napkins. They can just set the right tone for a table. I think that is one of the major reasons I love to use them. Little things like that make us slow our dinner down and enjoy each other's company intead of racing through dinner.

  8. How fun Karen! I would love to meet you too. *Smiles* Your blog looks so pretty!

    Thank you for your sweet visits my friend. ~Melissa :)