Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Good Fairy Came Last Night!

It must have happened while I was asleep...If I knew "She" was coming, I would have stayed up, like a child waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve! I have no idea how she got here, or if in fact, you could have seen her shadow magically moving across the starlit sky. All I know is that when I woke up this morning, I received a gift. Several people who are new to me, and one dear friend, left messages in response to my latest blog, "Another Bend in the Road"! All that writing, correcting and fiddling around with the posting of pictures (frustrating) reached some new blogging friends, out there in the blog-es-phere. Thank you so much!

So without further delay, I hope you enjoy the little "Thank You" card, created just for you. Once again, the "notepaper" background came from a stored picture of a piece of my painted furniture (pictured below). The directions for this little computer ditty, lie within the blog, "That was Then, and This is Now".

Today my spirits are high, because the Good Fairy came last night! I believe! I believe! Pieces of Dreams

Custom Order ~ Ribbons and Roses on Yellow Stripe

Side View ~ Note the dry brushed legs

Top front view

Close up of chosen area

Cropped piece ~ Now it's my Notepaper!


  1. What a beautiful hand painted table!! Good Job!!

  2. Thank you so much, Susan! I loved doing it, but what I loved even more was the day that I went to see its new home. The lady brought me in to take a look at her house so I could do some other things for her. She bought a similar piece from me and then I did this one for her custom to match. It looked so perfect in the room and I was thrilled to see it set in a perfect place. I saw your beautiful work! You are so tallented!

  3. What a gorgeous hand painted piece! I certainly WILL come visit when I am down at the cape! Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving your info! :) chris

  4. Thank you Chris. I'm really looking forward to meeting you! Karen